Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in the Kitchen Ceiling

The owner of an Outer Banks Condo kept finding mold spores in crevasses throughout the kitchen. After an inspection and testing, SERVPRO found the mold source ... READ MORE

Mold You Cannot See

A customer called SERVPRO because he was worried about a strong "musty" smell in his office and concerned he may have a mold problem. An indication that mold c... READ MORE

Containing Mold During Remediation

A Certified Restoration company safely gets rid of and removes mold from your home as part of the remediation process. This means that you can be assured that S... READ MORE

Mold in Hallway Closet

Anytime mold is discovered, you must find the source, fix the problem and remove the mold immediately. In this case, the crawlspace under the house was damp and... READ MORE

Cleaning Mold in the Outer Banks

SERVPRO of Elizabeth City/Outer Banks cleans mold. Mold is visible on the walls of this bathroom in the Outer Banks. Mold has the potential to cause health eff... READ MORE

Mold in Crawlspace in Elizabeth City, Outer Banks

Leaky pipes caused mold to grow in a crawlspace of a home in Elizabeth City, Outer Banks. The homeowner returned after 6 weeks to find mold underneath his vin... READ MORE