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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

The SERVPRO office staff was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job.

A testimony from an elderly couple who called us concerned with an odor in their home.  Our Estimator, Jason Sims, met with the homeowners to inspect their air duct system.

 “Jason Sims did smell what my husband and I could smell but seven other experts coming to our house for this problem, couldn't smell.  He spoke on the phone to our Air and Heat man and the owner came to our house and detected a gas leak in our circuit board/panel. 

 Last Friday both our propane company and air/heat company people came at the same time and did testing according to North Carolina safety laws.  Our propane tank was empty.  One hundred gallons was put in (it’s a 500-gal tank) and both companies did all testing together.  A new board will be put in this Friday.   Everyone said that we were very lucky.  I said that. Jason saved our lives. 

 One does not think of a gas leak in the summer...it came and went sometimes very light.  Bottom line Jason was the only one who smelled it besides us and he spoke to the company and explained the problem.  We are very thankful to him and that is why I reported that we feel that he saved our lives.  Luckily, I stopped using the air upstairs when I first started to smell it and always had our windows and sliding door upstairs open.  Thank you again to sending him. I called in the morning and he was here by afternoon.  Can't ask for better service than that...and he didn't even charge us! :) “

Linda and Richard F.

 “I FORGOT THE MOST DRAMATIC PART!!! When Jason took a whiff half way up the stairs he asked, “where is your gas tank?"  then we ran out of the house and went to the tank when he bent down, took off the cover and immediately turned off the propane...all the while explaining to me what he was doing and why.... a fine young man :)”

Perfect 10's.

I talked with Tracy in the office (very helpful) she called to let me know the men would be getting there earlier, that was ok. The men who did the job were knowledgeable and cleaned the vent in no time.